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Go here, click specialty items and go to the sale section Lots of busts on sale but more importantly, huge discounts on the Voldemort 1/4 figure and the Bantha statue! If you’ve been considering either way, they’re really nice prices.

They’re dropping a wide range from a lot of their licences this month! We’ve got Sheriff Grimes (with bonus hat) and the Well Walker from The Walking Dead, that awesome Venom bust from Marvel, Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and Droopy McCool from Star Wars. Available to pre-order at their website or no doubt […]

I’m always a fan of when companies throw in neat additional skull without increasing the price so props to Gentle Giant on improving their Red Skull! It’s over in the Marvel section of GG’s site.

22 Jul, 2012

The rest of my SDCC coverage is up!

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Check it out over here at my twitter. The coverage took way longer to edit than I wanted. I made sure to include some of the booth displays, action figures, and misc. stuff from around San Diego. While I’m a little unhappy with my photo coverage this year due to badge/event situations, I hope you […]

Gentle Giant was saving one my favourite villains for last with their SDCC exclusives! Here’s a look at their upcoming mini-bust, Thanos, limited to 500.

Limited to 1200 with a price of $80, this is Gentle Giant’s first offering for SDCC, Admiral Motti from a New Hope, during his most memorable scene, sassing off to Vader and getting force choked! Here’s a neat detail as well : Each COA has been signed by Admiral Motti himself, actor Richard LeParmentier, and […]

Gentle Giant’s got some neat upcoming stuff. In their latest promo email, they revealed a Deadpool bust/statue set (including an accessory pack for the previous Deadpool bust, more companies should be doing this!), a Ree-Yees bust (one of my favourite Star Wars aliens), an amazing looking Moon Knight bust, a jumbo Kenner style Yoda, and […]

Gentle Giant is working with Dark Horse to create a scale replica of the most iconic prop in the Game of Thrones series, the Iron Throne. Pretty pricey but it looks like it’ll have some solid bulk to it. Hopefully they keep production quality high! On sale Nov 28 14″ tall Limited edition of 500 […]

Here’s Gentle Giant’s take on what appears to be the Iron Man Mark VII bust from Avengers. Coming in at $59 this weekend and shipping in Q1 2013, this looks rather good. Particularly the painted lighted effects on the hands, great touch. Here’s Gentle Giant’s page with pre-order info.

Gentle Giant is going all out on the 50th anniversary of Mars Attacks (the playing cards, specifically!) by creating a SDCC exclusive Mars Attacks bust, Christmas ornaments, and apparently a fair bit more unannounced products! Here’s a little look at the SDCC exclusive bust.