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20 Aug, 2013

First4Figures Ganondorf 1/4 Scale Exclusive statue

Posted by: Dr_Teng In: Statues

Easily one of my most anticipated statues in a long time, the First4Figures Ganondorf Exclusive! Part of their 1/4 scale Master Arts line of Legend of Zelda statues, this is the first character they’ve released in the line that I liked enough to drop some coin on it. Zant and Wolf Link both looked fantastic […]

One of the most anticipated Sideshow Collectibles statues in a long while, the Poison Ivy Premium Format Exclusive! Sideshow’s set a solid precedent with their DC statues so far but people are wary of the Rogue syndrome. Quick Buying Options : The exclusive is sold out at Sideshow but you can get on the waitlist […]

If you’ve pre-ordered the regular you can upgrade to this version by emailing them or you can simply purchase the base on the side, which makes it a bizarre choice for an exclusive but hey, whatever works for them! The exclusive will come in at $399.99.

Remember that black costume Chun-Li, the Sagat, and some of the other webpage exclusives Pop Culture Shock has done? Well, time for their Scorpion variant from Mortal Kombat, Reptile! Limited to 99 and going up for pre-order on the 5th, here’s the full set of pre-order details.

Out of all the Kotobukiya 2012 SDCC exclusives, the X-23 Bishoujo was the only one that really interested me. I wasn’t a fan of the original X-23’s face but liked the general pose so this had some potential. Grabbed it at the con, let’s give it a once over! Quick Buying Options : It mostly […]

Seems like it’ll come with two faces, angry and regular, along with two heralds! Silver Surfer and Nova. Goes up for pre-order TOMORROW, though the price hasn’t been announced yet. Click the image to see it in far higher resolution.

Though it’s more of a SDCC event exclusive since it won’t be at SDCC! If you remember from previous years, the Hot Toys exclusives sold out within minutes and immediately doubled on the after-market so be sure to keep your twitter or facebook at the ready for the announcement. Though I really wish they had […]

29 Jun, 2012

Symbiote Studios and their SDCC 2012 exclusives!

Posted by: Dr_Teng In: Toys

You may have seen 2 of these images popping up at other sites tonight but I’m actually the one that took the promo shots! Symbiote Studios has been good to me in the past and their Sam and Max statue was one of the first reasons I got a nice increase in traffic when the […]

Sideshow Collectibles just revealed their last 2 SDCC exclusives, the Hot Toys Rescue Captain American figure and their Commander Fox figure! Cap’s Rescue outfit is my favourite one from the movie so this is one figure I’m grabbing for sure. Pre-order dates for Cap and the other SDCC exclusives is up over here. July 3rd, […]

Gentle Giant was saving one my favourite villains for last with their SDCC exclusives! Here’s a look at their upcoming mini-bust, Thanos, limited to 500.