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16 Dec, 2011

Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Vivi statue review

Posted by: Dr_Teng In: Statues

Time to grab another review from the backlog! The next couple of weeks will be newer Hot Toys figures but until then, let’s go with Vivi, since she’s getting a new statue from Plex. Old logo and photography gear, what a blast from the past.

Here’s another Megahouse Portrait of Pirates release, Vivi. She was originally in the third wave of these statues and was re-released as a “Neo” figure with a fair few improvements. The most obvious improvement is the dress itself, it’s much nicer. The pose itself has been slightly altered and improved as well.

Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Vivi statue

Vivi here was an important character during my favourite story arc of the series and I was pleased that any figure was made of her, let alone a good one, then a re-release that was even better. After they released the companion piece of Carue, which I reviewed last week, she became a fantastic part of a One Piece collection.

Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Vivi statue

You know, I always want to complain about her size and shape. As in, her tiny waist and enormous breasts. But then I remembered that that’s how most One Piece females look and she’s actually pretty accurate. Although in this case I think they overdid the breasts a little bit. She’s a very good representation of Vivi, though I think another pose might have suited her better. The improved transparency on the dress is surprisingly cool, though I can’t remember if it was exactly like that in the series or not.

The paint is excellent and I have no issues with it. Very nice colours.

Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Vivi statue

4.5/5. Minor flaws aside, she’s a great purchase for a One Piece fan.

Buying Options : As with any Portraits of Pirates figure, check HLJ first to see if there’s a restock. If not, off to Ebay. As usual with the PoP line, be careful of bootlegs.

2 Responses to "Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Vivi statue review"

1 | Shanno

December 16th, 2011 at 6:33 pm


She is lovely and the colors are beautiful. I don’t feel her breasts are too big. (Actually I don’t feel her breasts at all, to my horrible misfortune. Sorry). But I don’t know what size they should be.

2 | wilkins4niner

December 18th, 2011 at 5:34 pm


Shes cute but I wish they had picked a different pose for her. Especially since she wasnt in it long enough to get a second statue. :/

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