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24 Dec, 2011

Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Carue statue review

Posted by: Dr_Teng In: Statues

Turns out Christmas week was more hectic than I thought so I didn’t get a chance to finish off a newer review. So have another classic Portrait of Pirates review that I never got around to posting!

This week, I’ll be reviewing one of the more unique statues from Megahouse’s Portrait of Pirates line, Carue. When this was announced, many people within the One Piece community were rather disappointed. During a time of slow releases, they seemed to think that this bird was holding up other characters and he was too expensive at $50+, compared to the regular price of $35-$45 for most characters at the time (ah, those were the days for collectors!). I thought he was fantastic from the first time I saw him and considering how much he kicks ass in the series, he was an easy buy. Considering the price he goes for on the secondary market, a wise decision.

Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Carue statue

When you open him up, you realize just how large he is compared to most of the characters from this line. The Portrait of Pirates line has always had a few scale issues, but he matches up well.

Megahouse decided to make him an even better value by including some alternate display options, which unfortunately, I didn’t have time to get photos of. They include a closed mouth and an injured wing, which is accurate to the series as well as looking pretty cool.

Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Carue statue

The sculpting on him is spot on, as usual with Megahouse. He looks pretty much like the anime come to life. His wings and legs are nicely detailed, the helmet and harness are simple but look as they should. His expression is exactly what I wanted.

Much like the sculpting, I had no issues with the paint. He’s bright and comes off quite vibrant, no paint drips or other annoyances that I ran into.

Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Carue statue

5/5. You have to ask yourself, do I like the show enough that I want a big bright yellow bird in my collection? If you do, you’ll never get a better version than this one. Great companion piece to Vivi.

Buying Options : Try Ebay, since he’s only available on the secondary market.

2 Responses to "Megahouse Portrait of Pirates Carue statue review"

1 | Shanno

December 25th, 2011 at 2:15 am


I don’t know Carue but I like him. He looks super. He also reminds me that I still very much want to get Howard (and hopefully will one day.) Tho not related in one sense, they unquestionably are in another.

2 | wilkins4niner

December 29th, 2011 at 7:27 pm


Missed him back in the day and noooo way am I paying that much for a character that doesnt even speak, lol. Hoping they rerelease him sometime.

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