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26 Jan, 2010

Marvel/DC Siege/Blackest Night Cover Fight

Posted by: Dr_Teng In: Comics

I’ve been reading a little bit about this, Marvel did something that could’ve been seen as a pretty funny rival move, but they’re playing it up a bit too much and coming off as kind of dicks in the matter.

Marvel to trade 1 exclusive cover version of Siege #3 for every 50 ruined cover versions of DC Blackest Night comics
Exclusive cover revealed

Alright, so the initial move, the 50 covers bit, that’s pretty funny. But this quote and the cover itself are kind of bullshit.

We’re doing this because we’re in the business of selling content rather than Cracker Jack prizes.

A nice burn…but how many variant covers does Marvel release of every single big issue comic now? 3? I’ve seen some of their comics with a good 5 variant covers. A quick google search shows there’s been some weeks where half of Marvel’s releases are variant covers.

August blog topic on Marvel variant covers

I think you’d find more people are interested in cracker jack power rings than they are a sketch cover of Colossus flexing or whatever.

1 Response to "Marvel/DC Siege/Blackest Night Cover Fight"

1 | Shanno

January 27th, 2010 at 2:34 am


Hilarious!! Some kind of caveman symbolism involved here?
…a little dig in DC’s direction? How wonderful we are at Marvel. TEAR em up boys!
Guess I just don’t get it. LOL

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