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16 Jun, 2012

Bowen Designs Ms. Marvel modern statue review

Posted by: Dr_Teng In: Statues

Another classic unpublished review! This is a really old one with some unfortunately crappy photography. Aside from Marvel not being on a Ms. Marvel push anymore, my thoughts are still the same on the statue though.

For those of you not aware, Marvel’s been on a huge Ms. Marvel push lately. She’s been involved in a bunch of major events and knocked most villains through a few walls. Bowen Designs released two statues of her, the modern and the retro. How’s the modern one stack up? Let’s find out.

Bowen Designs Ms. Marvel modern statue

The main word that came to mind when I first saw this statue was “sloppy”. Which unfortunately, matches my photography for this review. WELP. Nice butt aside, when I see Ms. Marvel here, I don’t see a determined athletic female flying towards something to punch it to the other side of the planet. I’m not sure if it’s the angle of the pose, the way the feet are aligned, or the arc of her body (which you can see from the side-view), but it just doesn’t work for me in the slighest, it’s completely unappealing.

Bowen Designs Ms. Marvel modern statue

The Ms. Marvel I’m familiar with has a considerably different face than this one and I’m not a big fan of the expression. However, I do like the flowing hair and sash around her waist. Not a fan of the base either, it does nothing for me.

No issues with the paint, fortunately. It’s nicely done.

Bowen Designs Ms. Marvel modern statue

2.5/5. I don’t think this displays well from the front or the side, and as hilarious as it would be to display it from the rear, that’s not going to fly in most collections. It simply doesn’t say Ms. Marvel to me.

Buying Options : It’s old enough now that you won’t find it in stores unless you’re lucky. You know the drill. Goes for a little more than I’d recommend.

3 Responses to "Bowen Designs Ms. Marvel modern statue review"

1 | je82

June 17th, 2012 at 3:47 pm


I’m glad I did not get this…I waited long enough for the superb PF to show up. Did you like the BD Ms. Marvel bust that recently got released? I like the “bust” but not the face…if you catch my drift! 😉 From what I heard there will be a new Ms. Marrvel museum statue for the next phase…wonder what costume they’ll choose!

2 | Shanno

June 17th, 2012 at 9:42 pm


LOL. Yep, the bust of the bust is just fine. Agree with you Je. Love my Ms. Marvel PF. Killer bod and great stance.

3 | Dr_Teng

June 18th, 2012 at 10:41 am


I’ve only seen a few pictures of it, the expression on the face looks like she’s staring off into the distance, it’s a little odd. I haven’t seen it in person though.

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