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07 Aug, 2014

Working on a new project – fitness/health!

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Hey everyone! I see the site still gets decent hits but I haven’t been updating for a long time due to working on a new site, PoweringUp.Me, which is my new fitness/health site. While I’ve still gotten the occasional statue and figure, I actually had a couple arrive last night, I’m unlikely to finish any other reviews anytime soon.

That said, the existing reviews will stay up since think they’re a good resource!

Easily the best part of this list is that gorgeous Kotobukiya Starfire Bishoujo up for pre-order, that one came out even better than expected! That Thor Figma also shows a lot of promise. Lots of new Transformers in-stock as well.

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A long time in production and with Batman just having come out, it’s time for a Wonder Woman pre-order! Here she is at $399.99 for the exclusive. She comes on a huge base and should match up well with the two other Justice League heavy hitters.

Sideshow Collectibles Wonder Woman Premium Format

In pre-orders, there’s a SH Figuarts Alien coming down the pipes. I’m curious how it’ll compare to the older Revoltech, I’ve found SH Figuarts a little higher in quality so there’s a chance it’ll be the best smaller-scale posable Alien figure to date! Lots of good DC products in stock as well.

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Now here’s a heavily anticipated statue – the Sideshow Collectibles Batman Premium Format exclusive! Does Sideshow’s take live up to the hype? Let’s take a look!

Sideshow Collectibles Batman Premium Format Exclusive statue

Quick Buying Options : The exclusive sold out quickly from Sideshow so you’ll have to check Ebay. If you want the regular, there’s the Sideshow waitlist, or BBTS.

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There aren’t that many Judge Dredd high quality collectibles and when it came to one of the more interesting villains in the run, I had to grab him! Here’s my take on the Pop Culture Shock Judge Death – Death Sentence exclusive statue.

Pop Culture Shock PCS Judge Death Exclusive statue

Quick Buying Options : Due to the revised PCS ordering system, the Judge Death Exclusive will only be up on the aftermarket so check Ebay.

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Lots of new stuff this time – the Android 18 DBZ Figuarts, Batman PF pre-order, Man of Steel and Celtic Predator Hot Toys pre-orders, the Mary Jane statue that I recently reviewed, and more!

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As strange as it is – they’re also making it a pre-order without a deposit, so there’s no harm in ordering the exclusive and canceling it if you don’t like it. I’m wondering if it’s a means of warding off competition from other statue companies? Who can say!

Either way, if you’d like to pre-order it, here’s the link :

Captain America Winter Soldier Exclusive pre-order

Captain America Winter Soldier statue pre-order

In other interesting pre-order news, the new Thor 2 Loki is available for pre-order!

The 3A Metal Gear Rex is getting reissued, seemingly a strange decision from 3A but hey, great for fans of Metal Gear! I own this one and it’s fantastic, one of the most impressive vehicles/figures you can get. The Figma Link, another one of my favourites from last year, is now in-stock.

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Time to check out the first of the Sideshow Collectibles J Scott Campbell collection, Mary Jane!

Sideshow Collectibles Mary Jane J Scott Campbell Statue

Quick Buying Options : Still available at Sideshow and BBTS.

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